One Step Further

How many of you have wanted to Lose weight before?  Were you successful?  Did you have to come up with an elaborate exercise and meal plan?  Was making that plan a daunting task?

Some goals can seem to be overwhelming if you try to imagine doing the whole thing at once.  If you bite off more than you can chew then you might give up on your goal.  You just need to get yourself moving and then keep pushing yourself forward a little bit at a time.  Take it in small chunks and challenge yourself to do just a tiny bit better each time, then you will find it easy to achieve what you want.  Break up big problems into smaller ones, then go through the steps one at a time.

When I was in High School, I wanted to lose weight.  I felt unattractive and unhealthy, and I decided that I would do something about the situation.  So I decided to start running.  I hadn’t run much since years before when I used to play soccer.  But I figured it would be a good place to start working on my problem.  

Now most people, I find, try to tackle weight loss by setting goals for themselves, creating detailed plans, exercise plans, meal plans.  But I decided to go a different route.  My only goal was to just run at all.  

So I made two simple rules for myself:  


  1. Run every other day 
  2. Run one step further every time I ran.  


 Quote: Jack Canfield Original photo credit: Erwin Gabler



And that was my whole plan, no time limits, no distance goals, no calorie counting, no meal plan.  I didn’t even think about my diet really, apart from just trying to eat more vegetables“.  I just made one small change.

My first running day came.  I got my running clothes on, tied my new running shoes, did a little warm-up stretch….and I started.  I huffed, and I puffed, and I tried hard to get my lazy butt moving.  I got about four houses down the road before I had to quit.  It wasn’t much, but hey, I did something!  And more importantly, I had set the bar for myself, next time I had to run at least one step further.  I took my rest day, stretched a bit.  Then my second running day came.  I got my running clothes on, tied my running shoes, did a little warm-up stretch….and then I started.

I huffed, and I puffed, and you know what?  With a little effort, I ran twice as far that day.  Sure that’s only eight houses down the road, but hey, I did something.  I stuck to my two rules, running every other day and going at least one step further every time I ran.  Pretty soon I was running over 7 kilometers every other day.  And I felt great!  I felt faster, I felt like I could jump higher, I felt more agile, more alive!  When I looked at the scale after 2 weeks, I had lost 20 pounds!  The next week I lost another 10,  then another week another ten!  I was so surprised!  I just changed one little thing.  All told I ended up losing 50 pounds in a month a half!  It was crazy!  I felt brand new.

And all I did was make one small change and follow my two simple rules.  Run every other day, and go One Step Further every time.  Sometimes tackling a problem is more about just taking action and less about making detailed plans.  Don’t let problems seem bigger than they are, break them up into smaller chunks and just deal with the one step that is right in front of you right now.  

Challenge yourself to Get Moving, to Take Action, and to go One Step Further every time.

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