This is one of my favorite activities, I like to call it Runcasting.  Where I run while listening to an informative podcast that will expand my brain.  This is not a new idea or even my idea.  Many people who run pop in earbuds and listen to something while they are exercising whether it’s music, radio, or audiobooks, but here is my case for why I like Runcasting.


This workout will keep you fit in your body and your mind, it is a complete workout.  Some people only focus on one area, putting a lot of effort into keeping their body fit, like bodybuilders, but they could be neglecting to workout their mind.  Alternatively, a person might spend most of their time keeping their mind fit, but not focus much on their body.  I prefer to tackle both at the same time and shoot to be fit in both areas of my life.  At the end of my workout, I feel accomplished for the exercise that I did and energized about new ideas that I have encountered.  It’s a great feeling.


I am a fan of efficiency.  As I talked about in the last post, time is precious and needs to be used wisely.  Anytime I can pack more value into my time I want to hear about it.  I could do these activities one after the other or both at the same time.  By doing them at the same time I am able to do more with my time.  I like taking stock of the various habits and activities that I regularly perform in my daily life and trying to come up with creative ideas to streamline those processes.  With more efficiency, I have effectively more time to work with, which means I can either do more work or just do the same amount of work in less time and then have more left over to rest and recover.  There are lots of benefits to streamlining your activities.


Mental health is becoming more and more a common topic of conversation these days whether we are talking about depression, dementia, addictions, or just general mental wellness.  Fortunately, we are now in a culture that is starting to take mental health as seriously as it needs to be and reducing stigmas around its discussion publicly.  I think that it is important for us all to take a proactive approach to health in general both physical and mental.  Part of keeping your mental health involves exercising your brain.  I do this with brain games, puzzles, and learning regularly.  Runcasting is a great way to take some time for your body and mind to work out your muscles and expand your mind.

It has also been shown in many studies that spending time in nature has a significant positive impact on health.  This 2010 Multi-Study analysis looks at finding effective doses of “green exercise” on mental health saying: “Green exercise is activity in the presence of nature. Evidence shows it leads to positive short and long-term health outcomes.”

I usually like to run outside for this very reason.  It’s great to breathe the fresh air and feel the sun on my face.  I’ve accomplished my workout and I’ve expanded my mind!  It’s win-win-win.


I like runcasting first and foremost because it is fun, but also because of these 3 reasons:

  1. Complete Workout
  2. Efficient
  3. Mental Health

I do it as often as I can and would recommend it to anyone.  Happy running everyone!

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